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The Rules

Above is one of two illustrations of mine that will be in the upcoming issue of Spacing Magazine. The accompanying article deals with the bureaucracy of city bylaws and one couple who wanted to open a cafe in the Junction neighbourhood. They were faced with a plethora of petty issues that the city transformed into problems surrounding the potential vegetarian eatery. Here’s a excerpt from the piece:

Very few things are more frustrating and alienating than laws that are incomprehensible. Rules we cannot understand seem arbitrary, which weakens our trust in the government at a whole. An overcomplicated system of administration costs a lot of money and actually discourages people from participating. It turns them against the policy objective as a whole. Take our ridiculous garbage-bin system, for example, with its bar-coded bin ordering and storage requirements, its billing on the unrelated water bill (separating incentive from action), its complete inflexibility. It has succeeded through its sheer over-complication in turning off people who support charging by volume for garbage — including me.

I’m unsure who the author of the article is but will update this page when I do.